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Wichita, KS 67206


Welcome to Tiffany Farha Design. We are a nationally recognized interior design studio specializing in luxury residential properties, along with light commercial projects. Our strength lies in involving ourselves in every phase of a project, from initial construction and architectural meetings, to the last interior design detail.

We synthesize the art of communication, the flair of creative thought, and the skill of good business to provide our clients with an exceptional and complete design experience. We work tirelessly to accommodate the needs of our clients and uphold their privacy at all times.

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Tiffany Farha

Working With Tiffany

A Creative Process Generating Innovative Solutions

TFD offers complete interior design services to clients, whether they are building new structures or renovating existing homes or offices. Our proven knowledge of working with architects and contractors, as well as our nation-wide connections with sources and vendors, makes us an invaluable member to any construction team.

Tiffany Farha Design understands the many decisions that must be made when building or renovating a home, and are present during every step of the way, to make these choices easier and more enjoyable for clients.  

Fees are based on the duration and scope of each project. Please visit the Contact section for more information or to schedule an appointment.


More About Tiffany

Based On An Imaginative and Inspired Foundation

Surrounded since a young age with an environment rich in the fundamentals of design, Tiffany Farha embraced a keen appreciation for all things beautiful. After designing for several years with her mother, a designer, working for design firms, and receiving a formal education in fine art and design, she launched Tiffany Farha Design Studio in 1996.

Since then, TFD has grown into one of the premier interior design studios in the West and Midwest. Tiffany Farha Design has been nationally published and seen on HGTV, the Discovery Channel and other television shows in the United States and the UK. Living on both coasts as well as in the Midwest, influenced Tiffany’s aesthetic choices and allows her to maintain sources and contacts from all over the country.

The studio, with Tiffany at the helm, is consistently committed to creating beauty in any and every environment. Their goal is to create stunning surroundings for clients who appreciate distinctive style and demand relentless attention to detail.

People ignore design that ignores people.
— Frank Chimero